The Unwelcome Guests

We've all been there, haven't we - had the house-guests from hell who come to stay, who ooze tension out of every pore, drink all your wine, and then seemingly forget they have their own home to return to?

The Unwelcome GuestsPicture those guests in your mind and then imagine what would happen if you were suddenly told that you couldn't make them leave, ever.

'The Unwelcome Guests' is an entertaining short story of around seven-thousand words - ideal company for your commute to work or for a coffee break in between making up the beds in the spare room and locking away your 'good wine' for next weekend's house guests.

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Prize Draw

What is the competition?

All qualifying downloads* of ‘The Unwelcome Guests’ - a short story by David Makinson, purchased through by a UK resident between the 1st May 2013 and 31st October 2013 inclusive will be entered into ‘The Prize’ draw to have a chance of winning 7 nights’ free accommodation for four people on the Algarve, southern Portugal. (**Terms and Conditions apply). All author royalties from the sale of downloads of ‘The Unwelcome Guests’ will be donated to the Bolton ICD Support Group.

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Just a One Night Stand

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Author, Freelance Copywriter and Editor

"The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with." - Marty Feldman

David Makinson
David lives near Bolton, Lancashire with his wife, Chris and Giles, his son from his first marriage.

'Just a One Night Stand' is David’s debut novel. His second book, currently in the research phase, is a true and inspirational story set in 1911 about a fourteen-year-old Scottish girl who emigrates to Australia with her family in search of a better life, with tragic consequences but an inspirational outcome.

Other than writing novels David has also written some poetry, just for pleasure rather than for publication.

Before embarking on his new and exciting career as a writer, David spent over twenty years in Financial Services. The last nine were spent as a partner in a Bolton firm of Independent Financial Advisers, where, apart from creating countless bespoke client reports, David produced the biannual client newsletter which he also branded and sold to other firms with a circulation of around 4000 copies. David sold his share of that partnership in June 2008 to pursue his writing ambitions.

Personal History

David was born in London in May 1964 with a complex congenital heart condition known as a Tetralogy of Fallot. Consequently, he spent the first few months of his life at the Middlesex Hospital in London whilst the medics assessed the severity of the problem. As his young, unmarried mother was unable to care for him, David was transferred to a boarding-out house under the specialist care of Dr Barnardo’s (now Barnardo’s).

In May 1965, David was very fortunate to attract the attention of a young couple, a Church of England clergyman, Andrew Macintosh and his wife, Mary, a former nurse. They agreed to foster David, full in the knowledge that his chances of long term survival were at best precarious. He moved to Lampeter to live with them and their young daughter, Rachel, before the whole family moved to Cambridge. Over the next ten years David gained two foster brothers, siblings to Rachel; first Alexander and then, seven years later, Thomas. Forty-five years after joining the Macintosh’s, David is still proud to call that family his own.

Since the mid-1960s, David has had two major heart surgeries, the first in 1967 at the Middlesex Hospital and then ‘the big one’ in 1973, carried out by Sir Terence English and his team at Papworth Hospital. The complex eight-hour operation was a major success, effectively repairing all the structural defects to David’s heart. Able to run around properly for the first time, David spent the next few years playing catch-up (much to the detriment of his academic studies), indulging in all normal activities with the exception of cross-country running and squash. David went on to represent his schools at cricket and tennis. Whilst doing his degree in Leeds, he took up hockey, a passion that lasted at club level well into his thirties.

David’s other passion in his early twenties was motorcycles, once earning him the dubious short-term nickname ‘Dangerous Dave’ for riding his Triumph Bonneville back from Harrogate to Leeds with a severed clutch cable.

Unfortunately, sporting and motorcycling activities were brought to a sudden halt in 2000 when David experienced a potentially fatal heart arrhythmia whilst on a charity bicycle ride from Manchester to Blackpool. As a result, he is now the proud owner of an implanted cardiac defibrillator (ICD), an electronic box of wizardry that will save his life by administering a localised electric shock, a ‘jump start’ to the heart should a serious arrhythmia occur again. So far the device has only gone off in error (albeit 8 times in one 40 minute episode which David described as being like a session in the boxing ring with Mike Tyson).

Whilst acknowledging that he has already used up several of his nine lives, (including the odd near miss on motorbikes) David now takes life at a more sedate pace. Perhaps a little wiser, David now cites his main interests as writing, playing the keyboards, fine wine, cooking for friends, watching his son score centuries at cricket and, when time allows, relaxing at the family apartment in Portugal.

If you wish to contact David, please feel free to email him at or go through the forum.

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